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Artist Song Title Album
Run Level Zero Headless (rotersand`s Downsized Rework) And Thus We Walked...
NorthBorne Fache Unknown
Ayria Horrible Dream (Pzycho Bitch Mix) Debris (ltd. Ed. Bonus Disc)
Grendel Shortwired (Statik Sky Remix) Unknown
Cruciform Injection Every Mans Sin Aftermath
Encoder November Unknown
Delicate Noise Simplicity Diversion
X-Fusion God And Devil Dial D For Demons
Fractured She Unknown
Forma Tadre Celebrate The Cult Unknown
SITD Laughingstock Unknown
Imperative Reaction Salvation Redemption
Electro Synthetic Rebellion Heart And Soul [Ruspex Remix] Unknown
Black Heaven War Atrocities Negativ
Virtual Embrace The End Escape To Insane
Droom Face To Face Unknown
FGFC820 Vengeance Unknown
Tycho Brahe Marianne Atlantic
Front Line Assembly Transmitter Unknown
Darkmen No Future (Angst Vor Der Zukunft) Unknown : Contact me