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Song History

Artist Song Title Album
Icon Of Coil We Need Club Mix Unknown
E-Craft Final Cutoff Unknown
Angels & Agony Traveler Unknown
Lyronian Murderer (Alpha) Unknown
Cleaner Anti-Arctic (Hard Vox Version) Unknown
Tactical Sekt Bring Me Violence Unknown
SINO(re-build Projects) 03 Unknown
Cesium_137 The Storm Unknown
Pride And Fall Blood Unknown
Zentriert Ins Antlitz Ultra Violent Ultra Skilled (club Mix) Unknown
Angels On Acid Salvation Unknown
November Process Detachment Unknown
Faderhead The Lines Unknown
The Thought Criminals Pappa`s Got A Brand New Gun Unknown
Die Krupps Black Beauty White Heat Unknown
Rotersand Almost Violent (Psyche Remix) Unknown
Diverje Unleashed Unknown
Covenant Winter Comes Unknown
Funker Vogt The Last (Das Ich Remix) Unknown
Emergence Blackened Earth Unknown : Contact me