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Song History

Artist Song Title Album
Combichrist What The Fuck Is Wrong With You What The F''k Is Wrong With You People?
Kalte Farben AgAin Unknown
Imperative Reaction Faded Into One Redemption
Ayria Selling Rebellion Flicker
The Mercy Cage The Pure Design Of Light Scree:Transmissions
Tactical Sekt Burn Process (destruction Mix By Reality) Unknown
Black Heaven Weisse Lilie Negativ
Feindflug Ak 47 Unknown
God Project Celibant Unknown
Project Pitchfork Cold Heart Alpha Omega
Lost Signal Distance Eviscerate
Icon Of Coil Activate Serenity Is The Devil
Wumpscut Vs Haujobb Mother (Oral Staircase) Unknown
KMFDM Not In My Name (Check Yourself Mix) By 16Volt Unknown
Mono Chrome Sold Collapse And Sever
KONTRAST Deutsches Land Vision Und Tradition
Ascii.Disko Moi, Je Veux Ascii Disko
X-Fusion Face Your Disgrace Beyound The Pale
In Strict Confidence Seven Lives (Iris Remix) Seven Lives
Cyanide Regime Die Bitch Visions Of Order : Contact me