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Song History

Artist Song Title Album
Suicide Commando One Nation Under God (Anti US Mix) Unknown
Diverje Stitched (Audio Buddha Remix) Unknown
Sinine Our Green Unknown
Gasr Creed Unknown
The Synthetic Dream Foundation A Silvered Freeze Unknown
Encephalon Rise Unknown
KMFDM New American Century Unknown
Cruciform Injection Let It Die Unknown
YelworC In The Purgatory Unknown
Front Line Assembly Electrocution (Shocker Mix) Unknown
Clear Vision Revenge Unknown
Bitch Brigade Bubblegum Cyber Unknown
VNV Nation Where There Is Light Unknown
Leather Strip Black Candle Unknown
Sleepwalk Modern Slaves Unknown
Wumpscut Rush (Blondi Edit) Unknown
Fractured Sins Unknown
Absurd Minds Interconnectedness Unknown
Funker Vogt Gunman Unknown
The Sepia Disto-Sabe Unknown : Contact me