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Edge Of Dawn
In Your Sleep

From the album Anything That Gets You Through The Night

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Song History

Artist Song Title Album
Lights Of Euphoria Shadows Merging Krieg Gegen Die Maschinen
Pride And Fall The Perfect Circle Elements Of Silence
Electro Assassin Voyager Unknown
Assemblage 23 Drive Defiance
XP8 She Says Unknown
Unheilig Dein Clown Unknown
The Mercy Cage Prozac, God & The Atomic Bomb Scree:Transmissions
Battery Cage Hustler A Young Person's Guide To Heartbreak
Velvet Acid Christ Vaporized Unknown
Dawn Of Ashes Torture Device Farewell To The Flesh
Virtual Embrace Acquaintance Escape To Insane
Plastic Noise Experience Plastik Fantastik Maschinenmusik
XP8 And Sebastian Komor Fun To Be Had Unknown
In Strict Confidence Pearl Where Sun And Moon Unite
Evils Toy Prevision Illusion
Flesh Field Obstinance Unknown
Rotersand First Time (SITD Remix) Waiting To Be Born
Tau Factor Time Is Running Out Second Stage Ignition
Yavin 4 Alien Intruder Other World Technologies
Reaper Urnensand Hell Starts With An H : Contact me