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Song Requests/Complaints / Re: Suggest some music!
« on: March 13, 2012, 10:39:47 PM »

Autoclav1.1 is an instrumental IDM artist, but out of nowhere he made a leatherstrip'ish
track that is really really good and fits right into DG. It can be streamed here:

Gaming / Re: Skyrim
« on: November 26, 2011, 02:47:59 AM »
I just killed me a vampire!

I've been a vampire

Tried to play a good character this time (no idea why, but guess I needed to try something unusual), but so far I've:
- been a vampire and fed on people in the night
- I'm a werewolf and have ripped people to pieces
- I've sacrificed a good priest to an evil god
- It looks like I might become a cannibal
- I'm a member of the thieves guild, with all the fun that includes... (sabotage,setting up good people, theft, bullying)

I guess even good people have some weak moments :)

General Discussion / Re: What are some of your favorite industrial songs.
« on: November 19, 2011, 04:44:47 AM »
Went for my all time favourites. Tried to keep it short, but was hard to vote great songs off the island...

- Absurd Minds - Septic
- Amduscia - Impulso Biomechánico
- Android Lust - Refuse
- Apoptygma Berzerk - Burning Heretic (especially the live version from the single), Spiritual Reality  (or basically just the whole Soli Deo Gloria album)
- Bigod 20 - One
- Birmingham6 (lots of songs - Israel,Police State,One of These Days)
- Combichrist - lots of song, but a.e. At the End of It All
- Covenant - Figurehead
- Crüxshadows - Tears (APB remix)
- Das Ich - Grund der Seele
- Decree - Violent Reckoning
- Din_Fiv - We Are
- Dismantled - Armed and Ready
- E-Craft - Violent Freaks
- E.S.A. - Dead Fucking Desire
- Einsturzende Neubauten - Selbstportrait mit Kater
- Evils Toy - Vanished Soul
- Front Line Assembly - Provision, Bio-Mechanic
- Funker Vogt - Thanks for Nothing
- Haujobb - Penetration
- HIV+ - Vicious Death
- Hocico - the Sangre Hirviente album
- Imperative Reaction - Alone
- In Strict Confidence-  Send a Sign
- Inertia - Angel (In the Psychiatrist's Chair)
- Informatik - Oblivion
- Laibach - Opus Dei
- Lost Signal - the Cahtarsis album (not the redux, I like the sound of the original)
- Malaise - Faraway Garden
- Neuroactive - Burning
- Nine Inch Nails - Ruiner,Hurt,And All That Could Have Been
- OhGr - Majik
- Painbastard - Hidden Game of the Devil
- Project Pitchfork - Renascence,God Wrote (and lots more, impossible to limit)
- Psyclon Nine - Suicide Note Lullaby
- Stromkern - Armageddon (refering to the song, but the whole album is great :)
- Suicide Commando - Death Cures All Pain, Come to Me
- Unter Null - Bloodlust (and the whole The Failure Epiphany album)
- UnterArt - The Antagonist
- Velvet Acid Christ - Malfunction,Dial8
- Wumpscut - Soylent Green,Capital Punishment

Off Topic Discussion / Re: WTF
« on: October 29, 2011, 03:33:15 AM »
cellphone activation? :)

Song Requests/Complaints / Re: more wumpscut
« on: October 21, 2011, 01:05:13 AM »
I'm all for that. From :wumpscut:, the legendary industrial one man band that released a stream of great albums until he decided to call
it quits after the release of Wreath of Barbs in 2001. Not to be confused with the copycat band that started releasing stuff as "Wumpscut"
from 2000 (with the debut "Blutkind") and kept releasing weak crap ever after... the latter just needs to be avoided at all cost...

Hmm, sarcastic comment? I thought the names both referred to Rudy Ratzinger (however its spelled), with just the colons dropped at the beginning and end.

Yeah, it was a sarcastic comment, and the ':'s wasn't really the issue, rather that he was one of the top industrial artists releasing really great stuff, until and including Wreath of Barbs... everything after that has been a weak parody of his former glory...

Song Requests/Complaints / Re: more wumpscut
« on: October 13, 2011, 01:13:20 AM »
I'm all for that. From :wumpscut:, the legendary industrial one man band that released a stream of great albums until he decided to call
it quits after the release of Wreath of Barbs in 2001. Not to be confused with the copycat band that started releasing stuff as "Wumpscut"
from 2000 (with the debut "Blutkind") and kept releasing weak crap ever after... the latter just needs to be avoided at all cost...

General Discussion / Re: I'm contemplating re-designing the site
« on: July 21, 2011, 06:31:28 PM »
Its getting late here in Newfoundland and I am up early tomorrow. 

Did you travel all night to meet the girl from your dreams?

General Discussion / Re: Songs about sex
« on: July 19, 2011, 06:30:55 PM »
UnterArt - Now or Never

...some quality ones

Cat Rapes Dog - Moosehair Underwear, Motorman
Funker Vogt - Shaven, Final Thrill, Spread Your Legs
Throbbing Gristle - Discipline,Something Came Over Me

...and some boring plain ones:

Wumpscut - Ich Will Dich
Battery Cage - I Want To Take You Home
Project Pitchfork - Bodies
Projecto Mirage - You Know What I Like
Leather Strip - Strap Me Down, Invade My Body, ...
Informatik - the whole Nymphomatik album
Seabound - Domination

more trancy songs please, and some nice instrumentals... some more powernoise/glitchy stuff would help too :)

Song Requests/Complaints / Re: Song suggestions?
« on: June 21, 2011, 02:25:20 PM »
I heard the song "Beborn Beton - A Wish Come True." and really liked it wondered if there was anything else similar to this style that somebody could suggest.

De/Vision - the early albums, like World Without End, Universed in Love, Fairyland,... (From Monosex and onwards, they've gone into more generic territory... some of it great, but might not be your cup of tea...)
And One - Virgin Superstar (or the earlier albums - the latest ones are EBM)
Diorama - Cubed
!Distain - Anthology
In Strict Confidence - Exile Paradise (although I prefer earlier stuff myself)
Mesh - The Point At Which It All Falls Apart
Opium - Too Many Miles Between Us
S.P.O.C.K - any of the earlier albums (Five Year Mission, Alien Worlds, Assignment: Earth)
Anything by T.O.Y.  (for instance White Lights)
Urceus Exit - The Worst That We've Become

Some that are pretty far off, but you might enjoy:

Midnight Resistance - Remote
Code 64 - Trialogue
BlutEngel - Angel Dust
Moonlight Cove - Orphans of the Storm
Cruxshadows - Dreamcypher
Deine Lakaien - White Lies
Diary of Dreams - Psychoma, One of 18 Angels, Panik Manifesto
Ljungblut - Capitals
Pride and Fall - Elements of Silence
Project Pitchfork - Eon:Eon
VNV Nation - Empires / Burning Empires

Song Requests/Complaints / Re: Suggest some music!
« on: May 13, 2011, 11:40:57 AM »
I couldn't see any Komor Kommando in the database, but I'd be very happy if I did!


New Decree out (FLA side project) - but might be too calm/ambient for DG

Necro Facility - Wintermute - it's fantastic...really catchy
(here's a link from the previous album - and the new one is even better

Also, I discovered this band named DavaNtage. Don't know anything about it, only found
a 2CD named "Over The Pass / Dix Ans" marked as "Various Artists", but they're listed as
the artist on all the songs on the first CD... anyway, it's really really great...

General Discussion / Re: Intro/recommendations
« on: May 12, 2011, 01:38:53 AM »
Hey all, I've been listening to DG on and off for several years, but only just got round to registering. I've been pretty much out of touch with the industrial EBM scene for about four years due to settling down and starting a family so I've missed several festivals and I'm wanting to catch up on what I've missed, and find some new stuff to listen to.
I'd really appreciate it if you guys would send some suggestions for bands/songs to my DG inbox.
If it helps, these are some of the bands I like; Apoptygma Berzerk, Assemblage 23, The Azoic, Blutengel, Terminal Choice, DeVision, Endanger, Razed In Black, Covenent, VNV Nation, Combichrist, Wumpscut, Claire Voyant, Icon Of Coil.....

That's a lot like my favourite list a few years back as well...  however;

Apoptygma Turned into an emo rock band (now one man) which let the religiously based conspiracy theories surface...  however, check out Rocket Science to see if you like their new sound (or Imagine There's No Lennon - live album/dvd that is rocky, but which I enjoyed)

A23 released a new album - decent enough but more polished than their earlier stuff...

BlutEngel has released some new stuff...  I still think they did great with Angel Dust, and have been in decline ever since, but you might like it... also check out their new instrumental albums (they've released two, first one was Behind the Mirror, Sign of the Zodiac)

De/Vision released a new album, which was pretty anonymous...

Covenant released a new album - ok enough, but I way prefer their early stuff...

VNV released a new album (Of Faith, Power and Glory) which I don't like much (it continues the sound from the previous one, which I loved, but I don't like the latest one much)

Wumpscut releases a new album every april, and they totally suck. IMO wumpscut made great albums until Wreath of Barbs, and after that it has just been one pile of junk after another...

Claire Voyant announced a new album, and then the announcement vanished, so nothing new there...

Icon of Coil is dead

As for this scene; Unfortunately I think the last 10 years haven't been very good... but there's been highlights, and it picked up again this spring... check out:

new and groundbreaking stuff:
Fractured - Beneath the Ashes
Dead When I Found Her - Harms Way

regular stuff:
[Cell 7] - Recognition
Blank - Dreamscape
Blind Fate and Envy - Murder of a Girl
Code 64 - Trialogue
Die Sektor - Applied Structures in a Void
Diorama - Cubed
Ego Likeness - The Order of the Reptile
Front Line Assembly - Improvised Electronic Device
Kant Kino - We Are Kant Kino
Project Pitchfork - Continuum Ride
Rotersand - Random is Resistance
Run Level Zero - Arctic Noise
Seabound - Double Crosser
Unterart - Memento

Preemptive Strike 0.1 - The Kosmocreator
Psyclon Nine - Crwn Thy Frnicatr, We The Fallen
Wynardtage - A Flicker of Hope
Suicide Commando - Implements of Hell

However, I think the later years there's emerged a lot of very interresting stuff outside of this genre, but close enough to be interresting... You should check out the following and see if any of those are
of interrest:

Most important:
Midnight Resistance - Remote
Stendeck - Scintilla (and Sonnambula too)
Fuck Buttons - Tarot Sport
Crystal Castles - Crystal Castles II
Vitalic - Flashmob


Tympanik stuff:
Access to Arasaka - Void();
Black Lung - The Soul Consumer
Displacer - X Was Never Like This
Famine - Nature's Twin Tendencies

Chainreactor - Insomniac
Daft Punk - The Tron Legacy soundtrack
Drev - Failure
Dryft - Ventricide
ESA - The Sea and the Silence
The Kick - Metal Heart
Out Out - Assumed Outrivaling

Other Music / Re: HALP!
« on: May 10, 2011, 01:46:00 AM »
And, I've had this gem stuck in my head for over a month now.

Don't worry, you're not alone... been hooked on this one quite some time:

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