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Technical Support / Re: Suddenly unable to listen!
« on: July 11, 2015, 01:36:36 PM »
When I posted that, I'd tried TuneIn first, refused to connect at all (literally left it for around 10 minutes, but no dice), then I tried, which lasted for about 10-15, then dropped, and wouldn't return.

I've not tried within the last few days, because DG takes energy I simply don't have at the mo (which has had me literally crying with frustration - being high-functioning autistic AND confined to bed with a chronic illness is more than I can cope with. If I lived in a country where MJ was legal, things would be VERY different; if I wasn't stuck back with my parents I could probably get hold of it here, but convincing a couple of Tories that it's illegal for reasons other than what the government says it is, and that it has life-restoring health benefits (not to mention the effect it would have on my autism) is impossible. If they didn't read about summat in the Torygraph, or hear about it on the BBC, it ain't true - and they say I'M the one who ain't living in the real world. <SIGH>. Apologies, today's been shite to say the least).

Peace, Love 'n' Bacon


People have the wrong idea about hip-hop/rap, it's one of my favourite genres - there's more to it than just West Coast gangsta - let me give you a list - how many of these have you heard of??

Roots Maneuva
Rodney P
Ruthless Rap Assassins
Dirty Diggers
Blak Twang
London Posse
Dub Pistols
The Herbaliser
The Nextmen
Phi Life Cypher
DJ Yoda
DJ Format
Lewis Parker
The Demon Boyz
Stig Of The Dump
Monkey Mafia
Senser (industrial hip-hop - didn't know it was A Thing, did ya??)
Dub War
Asian Dub Foundation
Zion Train
Goldie Lookin' Chain

So, how many of the above you heard of??

Hip-hop/rap, when done properly and done well, is urban street poetry. The best example of this is Skinnyman's only LP 'The Council Estate of Mind'. It's raw, unpolished, not like the shit Kanye, Jay Z et al come out with. I'm only really into underground stuff.

Trip-hop wise, you need to be looking at The Shamen, The KLF, Nightmares on Wax, Lionrock, Up, Bustle and Out, Baby Mammoth, Fila Brasilia, Coldcut, 9 Lazy 9, Funky Porcini, Evil Nine, etc

Hit me up if you want more suggestions.


Song Requests/Complaints / Re: Suggest some music!
« on: July 05, 2015, 06:42:19 AM »
Anyone tell me what's happened to RIAA Radar?? I'd like to make a couple of suggestions, but I don't want to befoul myself so soon after joining (all my clean pants are in the wash).

I think I'm safe with Pulse State; only discovered them myself recently, and have now listened to everything they've released - 1000 times. They're probably well known in the U.S., but I'm a Brit. Think they're fairly DIY, don't think they'd have anything to do with the RIAA. If you don't know of them, think VNV Nation meets A23 meets Funker Vogt, meets AWESOME! Mike Phipps is one of the few guys, like Ronan Harris and Tom Shear who has the ability to regularly reduce me to a blubbering mess. If you've never heard of 'em, go to Bandcamp and check out 'The Science of Despair'; that, for me is as powerful an LP as VNV's Power & Glory or A23's Storm.

The other band I'm no so certain about is Syrian - most of the bands I like release via Alfa Matrix, Metropolis, WTII, or Infacted, so I think I'm PROBABLY safe.

Couple more, but I'd need to check out RIAA Radar first - IF it still exists.


Technical Support / Re: Suddenly unable to listen!
« on: July 04, 2015, 07:56:12 PM »
Know this is an old thread, but didn't think it worth starting a new one - but it's just died in the middle of one of my fave Funker Vogt tracks (not that there's any such thing as a not favourite FV track)! I can NEVER get DG via TuneIn (as in the app - I'm on iOS), but I've had better luck with a German app simply called

I know you've got bandwidth issues, so I'll be patient. I don't want you to disappear, because you're the station with the broadest range of bands I've found. Other stations get repetitive - one in particular will repeat the same track several times an hour, familiarity and all that.

We've one industrial station here in Blighty, run by the dudes responsible for our little Infest fest, I believe, but he doesn't mix it up enough - I don't have the energy for 2 hours of industrial techno these days!

I'll be patient (they said, lying?).

Solidarity, bro!


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