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City of Villains
« on: December 22, 2009, 02:41:26 PM »
I would have included City of Heroes in the subject, except that my reason for posting is that DG is so perfect for the villain side of the game. The villain side is the embodiment of DG's industrial dystopia -- technology and unfettered greed run completely amuck, an oppressive totalitarian regime, corrupt security forces patrolling shantytowns, amoral multinational corporations with their own armed forces, widespread genetic manipulation, civil disorder, warfare, etc.

The gameplay itself becomes repetitive, but the character creator is unmatched among MMOGs. Among my characters (Virtue server) are Morglut Gorbulorp, aka "Big Baby", a bald, obese, deposed ex-banana republic dictator with a serious diaper fetish; Rod Steele, his "Minister of Culture", an incredibly vain leatherman and gay porn film star; and P22DA SC-IO 407D2, a karate-master "gray" from Zeta2 Reticuli sent to make crop circles and mutilate cattle but now forgotten and abandoned (he learned karate from watching Bruce Lee movies intercepted in space from Earth broadcasts).

I like logging in just to "be" one of my oddball characters in this oppressive, gloomy world while listening to DG. The PvP action, my main focus, is fast and fun, but changes made earlier in the year have driven away much of the PvP player base; the PvP zones are sparsely populated now. Lately I mostly chat with friends and help people with difficult missions when asked. Rod also likes to dance in the extra-dimensional dance club and flex his unremarkable muscles at people, while Big Baby is usually on the lookout for new thralls to change his nappy.

Any other CoH/CoV players out there?

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Re: City of Villains
« Reply #1 on: December 22, 2009, 04:37:43 PM »
i still have yet to open the double pack that i bought a couple years ago. i played for a trial period but when it came to pay a monthly fee...dunno, guess i just can't get past that. But i do plan on playing it eventually. And you are right on about the character generation system; simply unparalleled from what i remember.
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Re: City of Villains
« Reply #2 on: March 08, 2010, 07:48:57 AM »
I've been playing CoX for the past few years... My first MMO. I started Vill's side, and then eventually they made it so that people who owned one side of the game (Heroes account or Vills) could play both games without having to buy the other version. So I ventured on over to Paragon. Gotta say, there are more people in general on Hero side, but I like the atmosphere much better on Villains.

I play Corrupters a lot, and I have a soft spot for Warshades.

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