Author Topic: Industrial Stage. DefQon.1 Sydney Australia.  (Read 3646 times)

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Industrial Stage. DefQon.1 Sydney Australia.
« on: September 25, 2011, 10:13:24 PM »
just over a week ago was DefQon.1 here in Australia.
There was a competition for a stage called "Drop you're own area".
A Local Goth/Cyber/Industrial Club known as Shallow Nation put in for it and guess what ?
WE WON !!!
I was just wondering who among us are Aussies who were able to attend this ?
As a friend and part of the crew who set up the stage for Shallow Nation, I was wondering if there was any feedback :)

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Re: Industrial Stage. DefQon.1 Sydney Australia.
« Reply #1 on: November 04, 2011, 09:40:28 AM »
Hey Sergei.  
I read this when you first posted it and being on the opposide side of the planet to down under. ( St. John's in Newfoundland. ) I was not there to see your set yet the topic sure did interest me for reasons that go back quite a ways for me.  Is there any visual documentation of the stage you designed and built for the contest.  Now getting back to my reasons for the interest.  My start to industrial designs came from my first stage set I ever built.  And if thee is any interest in seeing it here and now despite the fact it was done so long ago.  
You tube Smothered Hope by Skinny Puppy.  The track is one of my favorites of their origonals besides K9.  And the performance by Ogre was awsome.  But everything else on that stage besides the great music and entire show performance by the great musician / artists, was done by me.  And that included the first time I hanged Ogre by the neck.  Still being quite new at those kinds of stunts I only pulled him up and out of a stage trap door by his neck.  The next time I hanged him.   I did have a pedastool he was standing on and he dropped about 4 feet before the sudden stop.  That Ogre sure is one tough dude as I thought for sure that his neck was going to break at that abrupt stop.  Ha Ha.  He sure did trust my inexperiance. 
The gothic tower keyboard stands that CEvin Key and Bill Leeb were in was a creation I had to come up with on pretty much a zero budget using recycled metals.  It was used only 4 times and to heavy to tour with so I then had to come up with a much lighter version which toured accross Canada, throughout Europe, and then back home via the United States of America.   It was amuzing how after the first 2 shows in Alberta I then realized that it was to be in my safe interest to advise the security personell of what I was going to do to Ogre with that bottle with about 2 inches of blood in it at the end of the show.   After Alberta,  Accept in Malmo Sweeden when an outraged fan went ballistic on me untill CEvin key pulled him off me yelling to him that it was not real and part of the show.  That Sweed sure could not apologize enough while saying that it looked so real.  Yet all went well with that stunt of smashing the bottle in Ogre's face which would then explode into a mirrium of blood, mud, and broken glass.  Untill the very last show in Seattle at the university.  I did not know there was a cop in the audience watching what he probably thought to be one of the craziest musical events he could ever imagine.  And sure enough the crazyness continued for him and me when he pulled me backwards down the stage stairs with my head bouncing off each step and then landing on the floor with his pistol in my face telling me not to move a muscle or I was going to lose my head.  What a memory that was.  I first wrote this some time ago yet knew it was missing something so I finally got to the modification just now on Dec 13, 2011.
And then later I did FLA's 1st set.  I am not doing stage sets anymore.  But I am still into recycling metals into industrial art.  
Cheers mate.  
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Re: Industrial Stage. DefQon.1 Sydney Australia.
« Reply #2 on: November 30, 2011, 03:46:06 AM »
Sounds awesome, unfortunately down here in S.A. not much happens.
Combichrist came last December however, props to them for making my year.