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Re: Songs I cannot find the Band or Song Titles for... FOUND
« Reply #15 on: October 14, 2008, 10:56:53 PM »
I (through my wide and deep channels) have found the names for these bands and the names of the songs:

1) The band sounds kinda' like Andi from Icon of  ...
Lyrics sound like this "When I look at you to lay, there's nothing else that I gotta' say. 'Cause I melt into your eyes girl."

*** Faderhead - Melt into your eyes (off the FH1 Album) BTW, they have a new album coming out very soon.

2) The Female sounds like Anne Clarke and the sound of the song is more-or-less like Rotersand. The Lyrics:
"Are you still mine? Emotion is so divine. How can I  find my way, out of this poisonous lie. Are you still mine?"

Indeed the singer was Sara Noxx and accompanying her *IS* Tom Sherr from Assemblage 23 and Sven Wolff from Patenbrigade Wolff this effort is called:

*** Essexx - Undercover (off the Bridges CD)

Post Script:

There's lots of good music coming out and already out this year, it's truly unfortunate that there is very little support for our music which is just as well made (if not better) than the mainstream radio music.  These are angry times and someone could stand to make a lot of money opening up this channel (even on College Radio networks).  We're at a point (again) when music simply isn't as easy to find as going to the local CD shop. LastFM is good, but it's not the solution.  I spin this music to get more exposure for it. Is there a support problem for our music all over the United States (or the world) as there is where I live (in the San Francisco Bay Area)? I'm thinking a lyrics look-up would be a good addition to Digital Gunfire (which I have listened to for over 6 years now).

- DigitalTiger